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A general purpose wireless gun-type linear imager bar code scanner which is designed especially for retail, logistic and warehousing management market. We include friendly functions with replaceable multi-interface cable options that makes it more easily to be operated by the customers to accommodate it to user environment.


  • For hand-free operation application, customers can easily configure by themselves to facilitate it to be hand-free reading
  • Its built-in automatically turn off reading and switch on reading, as it sense a bar code moving in front of it
  • Most modern design with its auto-shuttle-emulation alike smart detection




  • 3 in 1 Combo interface that changes interface by replacing cable
  • Automatic detect reading mode
  • Reading distance up to 50cm
  • Smart detection, reading speed up to 500 scans per second
  • Support major 1D codes, GS1 Databar linear and stacked Codes
  • Supports both SPP and HID profiles can easily pair up with other Bluetooth V2.1 compatible mobile equipments or systems
  • supports IP42 sealing protection.