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Thermal Tags

Product tags come in various forms and sizes. They are useful in making tickets for cinemas and parking uses. Using this type of paper, produces quality printing such as receipts, tickets, slips, and more. Thermal tags are designed for applications that cannot use Thermal (Thermal Direct) label material because of heat source proximity or short label life, a more widely used material is Thermal Transfer Label printer. This material has the advantage of a much longer readable life and does not fade with time or heat. Most major manufacturers of Thermal Printers can be used for either Thermal Transfer (TT) or Thermal (DT) labels. A thermal transfer ribbon will be required to print the labels. The cost of the ribbons + TT labels is similar to that of the DT labels on their own.


  • Applicable to various retailing application
  • Available in various sizes and dimensions
  • Easy to install with printers




  • High-quality printing for printers which use a thermal ribbon
  • Premium paper not easily scratch and produced in rolls and fan-folded packs