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Basic Meter

LCD readout in hundredths of a kWh, to 99999.99 kWh. No conversion factor or multiplier. Basic Meter 120/240V 3-wire, 100A version, Neutral bypasses the meter. The only electrical connection is made by 2 small screws which penetrate the wire insulation and pick up power-less than 1 watt-to power the meter. Non-resettable LCD display. Usage data is maintained through power outages. Single-phase energy meter, 100A 120/240-volt, 3-wire, 60Hz.


  • Compact, very easy to install design.
  • Simple DIN-rail mounting.
  • Will accept some (but not all) #2AWG insulated wire.




  • Amperage: up to 100 amps
  • Data: Pulse Output - 800 pulses per kWh
  • Model: EKM-25IDS
  • Type: Pass-Through, Single-Phase, 60Hz
  • Voltage: 120/240 volts 3-Wire