POS Terminal

WinPOS (Windows Point of Sale) is a system use for retailing transactions that uses POS box. Along with the POS box is a POS system use to manage accounts and billing transactions. The software is user-friendly and has a convenient environment lay-out. Buttons, figures, texts and menu keys are vividly represented on screen with manageable terminal interface.. Whether small stores or malls, AHEAD WinPOS has all you wanted for systems and machines that cater your business needs. From cashiering, accounting, ledgering and more, AHEAD WinPOS system answers all the demands for fast and reliable operations.


  • Assembled with quality materials and hardware parts necessary to interface other peripherals
  • Developed with greater compatibility with other OS.
  • Easy maintenance.
  • Easy to install with great mobility
  • Rugged and durable designed for long lasting use.


Ideal for


  • Equipped with USB, serial and RS 232 ports
  • Good Flexibility Design suitable for various applications
  • Integrable with cash drawer
  • Runs in various OS platforms
  • Space saving and Silent Stand Alone All-in-one POS Terminal