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Unmanned Entrance/Exit

Parking system organizes the entry and exit of vehicle without taking a long process of looking for vacancies. Unmanned Entrance/Exit is an appropriate solution for parking areas that do not need check-out personnel to receive payments. Car owners prefer to park their cars in a more secure and well-organize parking sites. In this case, a customer must arrive to the entry ticket machine, presses the ticket request push button, takes a ticket and enters the car park .To exit the parking lot, the customer presents the ticket to a cashier in a booth at the exit and tenders payment, after which the cashier opens the boom gate. Cameras are installed to identify car's plate number and for security-recording purposes. A more modern system uses automatic pay stations, where the driver presents the ticket and pays the fee required before returning to their car, then drives to the exit terminal and presents the ticket. If the ticket has not been paid for, the boom barrier will not raise and will force the customer to go back to the ticketing station. Additional feature of parking system is to monitor the process through the use of CCTV cameras


  • Effective parking security for cars and other vehicles.
  • Efficient park billing through stand-alone paying kiosks
  • Generates sales report on parking fees
  • Hassle-free and conflict-free parking
  • Monitors cars entrance using CCTV cameras




  • Ease of payment using self-service paying terminals
  • Less manpower resources is needed
  • Network capable
  • Powerful remote monitoring and management functionality, including SNMP support,
  • Supports the use of proximity card
  • Utilized loop detector for detecting cars