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Zigbee Hotel Room Lock

Zigbee Hotel Room Lock is suitable for door thickness 36-60 mm with BW8238 system. The door can be open by computer, card or key. All the unlock records can be remotely real time back into the front desk software. Power supply by cable network normally, the battery only a back up option.


  • CE/ ISO/ FCC approved goods
  • Dead Bolt, inside person can double lock the door.
  • RF type key cards system
  • Real time see the room status.
  • Waterproof type (Printed Circuit Board)


Ideal for


  • Classification management, totally 7 kinds of card with different functions and rights.
  • Guest locked inside of room, only the emergency card / manual key can open lock.
  • Record the entry and exit info. It can save 1000 pcs records.
  • SOS emergency call, once the guest press the switch, management computer real-time received alarm signal.
  • Service request function, provide the SOS emergency calls check out,wait five finds of function of the service request.
  • The lock will appears the alarm if door lock close well or back up battery lower than 4.8V.
  • Time limited function, any card can be set to open during certain time period.