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Wireless RFID Electronic Door Lock System

Wireless network system ideally for door with 38-55 mm thickness, can be opened by computer, card, or keys. All the unlock records can be remotely real time back into the front desk software. It has deadbolt so that inside person can double lock the door. Wireless lock battery use life is about one year.


  • CE/ISO/FCC certified
  • Fast installation - each floor at most need 1 pc cable, quick and convenient installation
  • Long distance control - one controller can control 48 pcs locks
  • Strong latch(bolt) - all are made of 304 stainless steel materials,durable and safety
  • The function of avoiding disturbing - guest locked inside of room, only the emergency card/manual key can open lock
  • Waterproof type (Printed Circuit Board)


Ideal for


  • AA type batteries can use 12 months for the wireless locks
  • Alarm function - alarm appears when lock not be locked well or battery in low voltage state
  • Anti-interference ability
  • Intelligent cloud platform service program
  • Room status real-time monitoring
  • Time Limited Function -any card can be set to open during certain time period, the card is invalid overtime