Promag GP90

Integrate your business management system with RFID readers that enhances productivity rate and decreases revenue loss. Using RFID readers are necessary to gain access of your products efficiently. The GP-90-A is a long-range reader detecting 125 kHz RFID transponders (EM technology) from up to ninety centimeters distance. Its enormous range results in a vast number of possible applications, such as personal identification, access control or automatic time clocks in enterprises. Each unit is equipped with an integrated connection for a door opener that receives electrical pulse whenever a registration is successfully completed. Industrial applications that use production lines are also suited for the use of this terminal, as the RFID transponder can be detected automatically through packaging or from pallets. The Reader guarantees smooth and efficient data collection in logistics. No commands need to be sent with a keyboard in order to retrieve a transponder ID.


  • A transponder that is in reach of the terminal is read automatically and then transmitted in the desired format.
  • Easy integration with other systems.
  • High-compatibility with other equipment where input data can be transmitted over different interfaces (RS232, RS485, Wiegand and Magstripe)
  • Maximum life is guaranteed with its rugged and high-quality-made material.
  • Sturdy weather-proof and break-proof plastic housing making the device reliable and durable from the harsh effects of extreme environment.




  • 25 KHz EM H4001/4002
  • Extremely weather-proof and spray-water-resistant
  • Long-range RFID reader
  • RS232, RS485, Wiegand
  • Up to 90 cm reading range