Promag MF700

Even hospitals are using RFID for reliable patient’s registrations. It provides accurate information and data with enormous benefits. The new transponder reader MF700 from Promag helps to realize customer-specific data collection with RFID tags on an absolutely professional level. The reader reads all tag information (not only serial numbers) that is stored on different sectors and MAD1/2 of the transponder. The chips are available in various designs and feature internal encoding to ensure a high level of data security and professional protection of personal data. This makes the MF700 perfect for access control, user identification, inventories, payment systems, patient registration in hospitals etc. The reader uses transponders that offer multiple directories for applications. This means that instead of only saving patient numbers, the tags can also hold data like blood type, diagnoses and treatment plans


  • Accelerates workflow efficiency and speed ups throughput process
  • It classifies each product or an application effectively and uniquely.
  • Reduce inventory levels and save on capital costs
  • The data capturing rate is much faster with appropriate product code entered in records
  • improved management due to automated data collection technology


Ideal for


  • A weather-resistant housing even allows outdoor installation (-10° to +60°C)
  • Compact size of only 83x47x16mm
  • For Mifare Standard 4K, Mifare Standard 1K-Tags and MAD1+2
  • Manageable when Installed under other harsh conditions.
  • Robust and compact: only 83x47x16mm