Promag GPW100

Business owners must invest into state-of-the-art RFID reading facilities to achieve total automation. Such devices are very important for product ID, electronic fund transfer and more. The GPW-100 is a stationary read/write device for EM4102 compatible RFID transponder. It is particularly intended to write sets of transponders or individually encode tags.The included software writes an ID to the transponder - enter the ID on your keyboard, import it from files or let the software automatically create a serial number. Connect the device to the host over the serial interface (RS232). The GPW-100 works with tags that use the 125 kHz frequency band. It can output IDs in decimal, hexadecimal or Wiegand format. Certainly a useful and practical addition to all Promag systems. Additionally, we offer the PRW-106 as a stationary reader/writer that offers all features of the GPW-100 but uses RFID transponders with a frequency of 13.56 MHz


  • If fully implemented, the system could do away with a checkout station completely.
  • Inventory, tracking of lost items, shelf reading and all work associated with checking the shelves becomes much easier using the portable readers.
  • Product identification becomes more effective.
  • Security is achieved with no contact with staff, no need to interact with a station of any kind.
  • The system has the potential to use a smart card to increase services to patrons.




  • Also used to copy transponders
  • Automatic ID generator
  • EM4102 compatible
  • Read/Write device for RFID transponder
  • Serial interface (RS232)