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Manned Entrance/Exit

A parking system designed to automate parking services from monitoring, billing, and to security systems. This package will surely be an advantage to your business as it addresses customer's satisfaction in terms of security and hassle-free parking transactions. This system allows face-to-face transaction since parking payments are paid through a check-out personnel on the kiosk situated near the barrier. The parking system is equipped with surveillance camera, loop detector, card dispenser and automated barrier to ensure that security has met the standards required by the business owners


  • Effective parking security for cars and other vehicles.
  • Eliminates fraud
  • Generates sales report on parking fees
  • Hassle-free and conflict-free parking
  • Monitors car's entrance using CCTV cameras




  • Allow face-to-face inquiry and technical support
  • Face-to-face collection of parking fees
  • Network capable
  • Supports the use of proximity card
  • Utilized loop detector for detecting cars