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Unmanned Payment

Stand-alone paying terminals provide efficient service to the customers. Aside from being hassle-free services is its ability to generate sales reports and dispense tickets instantly. The terminal accepts paper bills and coins and return changes depending on ticket prices. It does not require a human intervention anymore to monitor the billing or do the billing transactions. However, the company is providing technical support to customers that require assistance


  • Costs are managed by networks meaning that they cost you nothing.
  • Decreases reconciliation costs.
  • Hassle-free and conflict-free paying transactions
  • Lower cost per transaction than manned transactions.
  • Reduces repudiation issues & costly errors.




  • Accepts paper and coin bills
  • Bank Card Reader: Electric automatic magnetic card/ IC card reader /Automatic gate, with card swallowing function.
  • Generates official receipts
  • RS 232, RJ 45 and USB interfaces
  • Uninterrupted power supply, can last 15 minutes when outage