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Price Look-up Unit

PLU is necessary to provide customers with easy and fast service in price inquiry. This technology performs with high reliability when it comes to product prices and promotes their fidelity in patronizing your business. Price look-up terminals are installed at various locations in the shop to allow the customer to display the current price of the goods by means of the bar code printed on the items, without having to contact the sales assistants. The price look-up terminal operates with a high-performance omnidirectional scanner thus ensuring excellent precision of reading at various angles. The vacuum fluorescent display has a very wide reading angle and ensures quick and easy legibility


  • Provides the latest and updated pricing from the merchandiser
  • Quick look-up of prices for bar-coded items
  • Superior precision of reading at various angles due to omnidirectional scan pattern




  • Effective bar-code scanning
  • Effective omnidirectional scan pattern
  • Integrable with stationary or handheld scanner
  • Provides clear and vivid price view
  • Rugged and easy to install