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Ordering System

The system has various meal options available and the customer can make their order choices, which are shown directly to the Kitchen Display System (KDS). The system supports automatic billing computations and is payable through magnetic cards or organization ID. Barcoded Company IDs can be utilized to avail of meal and snack orders for employees via salary deduction basis. Handheld scanners can be used to scan Customer's or Employee IDs. The system eliminates the chore of daily queuing for long waiting line by automatically generating meals and snacks orders based on their preference. With regards to meal preparation, the system collates all meal orders and automatically generates summary lists which are essential for ingredient classification, needed raw materials and for chef reference.


  • Effectively serve the typically under served un-banked market
  • Generates automatic Bill Totals in Customer receipts
  • Hassle-free and queuing transactions
  • Marketing Edge (Flexibility)
  • Self Service Ordering




  • Accepts credit cards and custom made company cards
  • Can be Integrated with receipt printers and scanners
  • Easy to install with user-friendly applications
  • Easy to use TouchScreen technology
  • Multiple interfaces such as RS232, RJ45 and USB