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Guest Monitoring System

The system was developed to answer the needs of having a tedious paper-based recording process just like the traditional way. The manual operation involves the use of paper and pen to record guest's details, time in and log out schedules and inquiries. Compiling those records, checking, reordering and consolidating is a strenuous work that requires time and space. With CTC's GMS, backbreaking paper works is not a problem anymore. Having a complete database of your attendees can be very useful for future references. The traditional hand writing registration is time-consuming and unreliable due to some unreadable hand writings. It can cause faulty data collection. Ahead Guest Monitoring System offers an impressive and high-quality service both for the organizers and attendees. GMS is powerful system software useful for exhibits, seminars, and other activities that needs to monitor the attendees. GMS provides a fast and reliable way of organizing database for attendees. It generates vital reports such as Guest Attendance, Seminar Attendees and Guest Inquiries. GMS is capable of printing name tags and displaying a welcome screen for attendees. The system supports the use of handheld scanner and PDT.


  • Capable of data re-ordering in different fields
  • Generate a comprehensive report on guest's details and inquiries
  • Provide individual identification for each guest using barcodes
  • Support the use of barcodes and barcode scanners for easy data tracking and recording
  • User-friendly applications where non-technical persons can also use the system