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Accounting Management

Leverage accounting and evolve profusely - The increasing demand for accounting services greatly affects company's need for human resources to do specialized job for accounting. Traditionally, one must hire a person to do the ledgering, another for journalizing, another for auditing, and one to do the computation and so on to ensure every report is reliable. CTC designs applications suitable for every accounting need where less manpower is needed to do the job. Applicable for both banking and finance transactions, CTC's Accounting System uses real-time computations of sales, profit, expenses, and more. This system was developed with high-capability of generating comprehensive reports where specialized employee to do the job is a need no more. This multi-tasking application offers a wide variety of reports from sales, cashier's accountability, ledgers and more. The system can be integrated also with Attendance Monitoring and Payroll System for automatic salary computations based on the attendance report generated. This package also enables fast and reliable banking transactions if established in a network interface. Significantly, the system increases your service department's productivity, tracks employee time for payroll, profitability and analysis, creates customer friendly invoices, tracks a part inventory, adds a new part with a few clicks, tracks service history, increases customer satisfaction and builds employee accountability and co-operation. The system is password-protected to prevent unauthorized person to use the system without permission from the administrator.


  • Generates a comprehensive list of sales, accounts receivables and payables, auto-ledgering, chart of accounts, balance sheet, income statement and more.
  • Reduced revenue losses resulting from data collection errors.
  • Review, manage and reconcile accounts receivables and aging as well as monitor the status of your customer accounts.
  • Supports multi-users with password protection for authorized users.