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Asset Tracking System

CTC’s Asset Tracking System is a software that helps keep track of company’s assets, assets accountability, and asset locations. The process involves entering the client information, site information, equipment information and recorded as check out to loan out equipment. The system supports quick and accurate physical audits for all fixed assets and inventory items using barcode labels, Portable Data Terminals (PDTs) and the latest technology in handheld scanners. Data from the audit is then manipulated by ATS to use as inputs in the database and generate reports (new, missing or moved items) and updates the loaned item in the fixed asset register. Through this system, you can track maintenance costs, repairs, leases and other expenses. Also, allows you to scan and print barcodes, create your own barcode labels and calculate monthly and annual depreciation. ATS has the capability to track missing assets using Asset Audit Module. Manufacturers keep valuable assets that need to be monitored. CTC offers quality services that improve business and office operations. Asset Tracking System is useful software that would help in maintaining an organized and comprehensive list of assets. With its rich features, the system can quickly track assets and identify as to whom each and every property is being accounted. The system provides real time reports and can also be integrated for barcode printing function.


  • Allows you to categorize your assets by a number of fields for easy lookup and sorting of your merchandise.
  • Allows you to preview, search and print daily assets audit report.
  • Easy data capturing using barcode equipment.
  • Quicker access to comprehensive information helps management make better decisions, grab opportunities and lead the competition.
  • Use of barcodes provides a fast, easy and accurate mechanism to enter data into a computer system for data collection or data lookup.