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Manufacturing Management

CTC provides certified system for product counting and monitoring services.Technology emerges almost in all types of business. Manufacturing industries use technology to automate their process of handling and carrying products. Sophisticated machines and sustainable manpower services are necessary to achieve maximum production and productivity rate. With the existence of concurrent technologies, manufacturing industries need to be upgraded into stand-alone type of operation where less manpower is needed to do the task. The result reduces labor expenses and increases revenue. CTC offers solution with this type of technological needs and answers your business management automation. With PCMS (Physical Count Monitoring System) and WMS (Warehouse Management System), a need for manpower services will be reduced. The PCMS automates data collection and stock monitoring. The system is suitable for product checking and verification purposes where less time and manpower requires but provides a more effective result. This system can be integrated with PDT and barcode applications and increases profitability since it delivers a faster way of doing operations.


  • Provides a faster way of manufacturing.
  • Reduces labor expenses and increases revenue.