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Kitchen Display System

KDS is a monitor screen that displays food menus and orders and directly allows users for a real-time menu selection. Other KDS are developed using touch screen technology for easy-order just at your finger tip. The system is integrated with multiple options, menu buttons, pictures and more. CTC engages its system developers to design software applicable to interface a Kitchen Display System. With CTC's KDS, you can reduce employee training by automating traditional ordering system and earning higher revenue is an advantage. The KDS has flexible configuration options for restaurants of all types and adapts easily to process changes in price and discount rates. Kitchen Display System (KDS) is one of CTC's recent innovations and fascinated almost food business industry of the country. In this technology, orders will be sent directly to kitchen controller for processing and feedbacks information if requests have been accomplished. Indicators appear on KDS for undelivered orders or those require priority. The system runs with Windows XP edition with application expandability. Thus, it supports high-resolution display for a realistic menu display. This ultimate technology innovation is a perfect solution to your food business automation since it offers high capability and resistivity from direct exposure to heat.


  • Ability to automatically look up and sell items based on pre-set sales, quantity discount, and preferred price levels.
  • Able to feedback response to counter terminals and vice versa for ready-to-deliver orders, priority and pending orders, follow-up orders and more.
  • Capable of displaying vivid figures and images on screen.
  • Easy implementation of the system. Any small to larger organization can easily install the system.