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Delivery System

Delivery System specializes in technology for today's contact centers as well as for call centers of the future. A telecommuting workforce is made possible by faster and more reliable network access. CTC's delivery system provides the control and monitoring capability needed for today's modern call centers. The system allows call center agents to record reports and inquiries with appropriate priority references which will be delivered to concern departments for corresponding actions. The system supports exchange of data using networking technology and delivers a reliable and faster way of consolidating and validating of reports. Agent's performances through their accomplishment reports are auto-sent to the administrator for evaluation purposes. The system contains options for data entry of various transaction and needed information and capable to generate real time query status.


  • Problems are easily detected, recorded and managed. It streamlines business processes.
  • Deliver requests, inquiries and incidents efficiently to specific locations or departments using networking techniques.
  • Generate a comprehensive report of all transactions with appropriate information and attachments.
  • Increase efficiency of employees by providing physical and technical data on tab.
  • Support management information systems and help companies formulate goals and business plans.