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Payroll System

CTC offers a more secure payroll system where password is equipped in it. This allows only certain personnel to have direct access of employee's information. Developed with high-compatibility where other business management software are integrable with the system like Attendance Monitoring System. Thus, HR personnel and accountants have no time of exerting much effort of scanning on paper-based attendance recording. CTC in lines its PS with much credibility since it undergoes quality test and evaluation. PS gives you full control of employee's payroll wherein you can request a report, view payment histories and make real-time changes to employee wage information when necessary. Get the assurance that the right people are being paid with the right amount always and on-time with CTC's PS. Reduce the hassle of tedious paperwork and improve the payroll process. CTC offers high-quality solutions that enhances development of various companies and improves the ease and satisfaction of every administrators in payroll services. Payroll System enhances the method of one of the series of accounting transactions that deals with process of paying employees for services rendered. The system helps in computing the payments due the employee and the set-up of earnings and deductions. It provides ease with the overall accounting structure of the company and reduces unreliable data collection


  • Generate comprehensive reports
  • Identify payroll workflow status with daily operational status reports
  • Integrable with Attendance Monitoring System for auto-salary reports
  • Reliable payslip with accurate list of deductions
  • Securely automate complex payroll calculations