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Shelf Tracking System

Shelf Tracking System is a powerful tool for Barcode Printing, Shelftag Printing, Promo Tag Printing and Online Price Inquiry. It is more reliable and faster way of creating Shelftag, Promo Tag and Online Price Inquiry all in one system. A PDT can be use as an online tool that makes the system mobile, faster and easy to use. Shelf Tracking System is a shelf in a store that has been equipped with an RFID reader. The RFID reader can be built-in the shelf itself or be installed behind/under/above normal shelves. By continuously scanning the RFID tagged items on the shelf, the RFID reader consistently notifies the back-end system about the existing items and their movement. It will also identify items that do not belong on a certain shelf as "misplaced items". By tracking items, their movements and whereabouts, the system provides retailers with information that can be analyzed and translated into customer preferences. We provide in-stock, warehouse-style marking and identification products which can increase your labor productivity, space efficiency and inventory accuracy throughout your warehouse, distribution center, or material handling operations.


  • Control and monitor the usage of high value items
  • Increase in sales
  • Increase operational efficiency and store effectiveness
  • Locate products easy and fast
  • Reduction of ‘out-of-stock’ products