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Reservation System

CTC's Reservation System is a PC-based system equipped with multi-option functionality including selections for type of reservation, amount to be tendered in a specific period of time, price rates and discounts, reservation packages and promos and more. RS has a well-organized and user-friendly environment where both technical and non-technical users could use the system with less supervision. CTC's products have undergone quality test to ensure systems are free from logs and errors. An evaluation is conducted to experts in the field to assure product functionality and marketability. Experience hassle-free transaction for room and resort reservations with AHEAD Registration Systems. Perfectly designed for conflict-free reservations that can generate information regarding availability of vacant rooms, bookings, check-in and check-out processes and the like. Accommodation through the use of this system satisfies both clients and business owners. The system is also applicable for PC reservation in Internet Cafe and delivers a unique way of accommodating customers.


  • Accelerates workflow efficiency and speed ups throughput process which results to a conflict-free reservation process.
  • Allow you to preview, search and print daily sales reports and journals by register, batch, booking schedules and transaction number.
  • Quicker access to comprehensive information helps management make better decisions, grab opportunities and lead the competition.
  • Quickly search and sort reservation entries.
  • Reduce paper works and save on capital costs.