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Project Reference System

Ahead Project Reference System is a web-based system designed to maintain and managed task activities, projects and other information. It helps the user to maintain project reference request workflow and management. The Project Reference System is a paperless transaction. The system also serves as the document tracking system where it can attach files (Documents and Images), also it can generate PDF, Excel and Word Documents for the purpose of reports and references. The interaction of a user to anther user is allowed in the system for the purpose of having a discussion about the task activities. The type of users has a different task and modules to use.


  • A great way to back up all the information and data.
  • A notification will pop up in the dashboard.
  • Exporting and Importing of files are fast and simple.
  • Maintaining and monitoring files are easier.
  • Secured confidential information
  • Users transactions are recorded in the transaction log for future reference.