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Customer Management System

CMS is a cost-effective, easy to implement solution that provides path to attain loyal customers. The system is a winning combination of functionality, technology innovation and reliability that can truly benefit every loyal customer. CMS delivers easy access to all information needed to maintain member’s accountability and has the completeness of vision and the ability to manage account receivable. The system is capable of tracking customer's details, records customer's information and history which is necessary as input in making customer cards. These cards are one of company's solutions in maintaining customer's loyalty by giving incentives, privileges, and discounts. CMS is easy to set up, easy to navigate and easy to integrate for full-feature performance.the retailing service needs of the department store. Using AHEAD WinPOS you can take advantage of having high productivity rate.


  • Achieve data accuracy in backend host application.
  • Easily tracks customer’s records and purchased history.
  • Maintains customer’s fidelity by providing them with loyalty cards as integrated with the system.
  • Speed up process workflow and can easily drawn marketing strategies based on customer’s purchased history.