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Planogram System

“It is a diagram or model that indicates the placement of retail products on shelves in order to maximize sales.“ Planograms therefore help dictate a retail store's layout. The ultimate effectiveness of the planogram can be measured by sales volume. The rules and theories for the creation of a planogram are set under the terms of merchandising. Manufacturers often send planograms to stores ahead of new products. This is useful when a retailer wants multiple store displays to have the same look and feel. Often, a consumer-packaged goods manufacturer will release a new suggested planogram with their new product to show how the product relates to existing products. Fast-moving consumer goods organizations and supermarkets largely use text- and box-based planograms that optimize shelf space, inventory turns, and profit margins. Apparel brands and retailers are more focused on presentation and use pictorial planograms that illustrate the look of and also identify each product.


  • Automated insights and callouts for opportunity identification.
  • Improve audit accuracy and repair only issues identified versus inspect 100% of the planograms.
  • Reduce inspection labor cost and shorten the review cycle.
  • Substantially reduce planogram inspection time from hours per planogram to seconds per planogram.