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Accounting Management

Accounting Management (Business) is the practical application of management techniques to control and report on the financial health of the organization. This involves the analysis, planning, implementation, and control of programs designed to provide financial data reporting for managerial decision making. This includes the maintenance of bank accounts, developing financial statements, cash flow and financial performance analysis. The process of preparing management reports and accounts that provide accurate and timely financial and statistical information required by managers to make day-to-day and short-term decisions. Under Accounting Management is the General Ledger. General Ledger is a complete record financial transactions over the life of a company. The ledger holds account information that is needed to prepare financial statements, and includes accounts for assets, liabilities, owners' equity, revenues and expenses. The general ledger is the backbone of any accounting system which holds financial and non-financial data for an organization. It is the master set of accounts that summarize all transactions occurring within an entity. The statement of financial position and the statement of income and comprehensive income are both derived from the general ledger.


  • Ability to easily manage most transactional accounting like payments of the bill and processing credit.
  • Fasten up the transaction by creating Invoices and purchase order statements efficiently.
  • Generate comprehensive and detailed accounting reports.
  • Minimize problems with IRS & other tax authorities.
  • User-friendly in usage and has many accounting features.