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Tenant Sale Monitoring

Go for a maximum supervision using CTC's Tenant Monitoring System. Tenant's performances affect business' integrity and can be one of the factors for productivity changes. Some businesses imposed sales quotas for every tenant to reach the target productivity rate. Each tenant has to be monitored regularly to ensure quotas are reachable. The administrator has to do the checking after the end of tenant's transactions and undeniably it’s an additional effort to be exerted. Why not use CTC's TMS? The best tool for an effortless supervision that requires only a PC or a laptop. Checking is done through a single station where sales reports of every tenant are transparently monitored on TMS. The need to supervise your tenants and their daily sales can be quite tough to be manually done. CTC offers an advanced system that would reduce the hassle of unreliable and time consuming manual work. Tenant Monitoring System enables a simultaneous viewing of tenants’ daily sales. Thus, it provides ease to track, log, and analyze tenant’s sales performance. The system has a user-defined tenant fee computation and it can calculate and generate percentage sales. TMS can generate statement of account for tenant billing and can also create additional reports


  • Automates the sending of required daily sales report to mall admin.
  • Can easily detect if a particular tenant has neglected /failed to submit their daily sales report.
  • Can view total daily sales of each tenant through a centralized mall server.