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Party Reservation System

Party Reservation System offers the state-of-the-art reservation services for all types of party. Developed with specialized features on party bookings, equipment rentals, party type and other information. The system allows systematic tracking of information from clients and allows you to generate reports on accounts payable with detailed charges on rentals. PRS supports auto-scheduling of party, making it an absolute solution for conflict-free reservations. CTC's Party Reservation System is applicable to restaurants and party businesses in booking the type of party considering the number of guests, guest information, equipment and materials needed, party date and time, and other needed information. The system has custom display of menu options, buttons and entry field. Data entered are stored in database as input to identify query description, to compute price rate, and for future references. It also allows tracking of customer's details and information even those transacted in previous years. The system can generate reports in various fields and supports auto-tabulation of data for easy reference guide.


  • Ability to complete a booking on line making the reservation process more efficient and less time consuming to both parties.
  • Gain significant control over your margins and party pricing strategy.
  • Generate printed reports on sales and accountability.
  • Maintain a reliable of customer's records using database recording process.