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Ads System

Ads System in parking area present drivers with dynamic information on parking within controlled areas. The system promotes the display of available slot and directions to help the motorists find unoccupied parking space. Even advertising experts are often unaware of the many different advertising options available in car parks. Through such advertising we can reach consumers with considerable purchasing power across a very wide spectrum. In an environment relatively free of advertising, often straight before purchasing decisions are made and with over 50 million contacts nationwide. Through this PARKING ADS, it provides an ideal solution for all industries as the advertising spaces are sited in shopping centres, at airports, trade fairs, leading international hotels, banks, insurance companies or stadiums and multi- functional arenas to name just a few locations.


  • Better orientation and quicker identification of free parking space.
  • Increases the car park utilisation and brings operators a competitive advantage.
  • Reduce search and transit traffic in the car park.