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Crew Management

This system was developed to cater the crew management needs of the business. Using a single station as server/controller, you can manage to request or command your crews using tag boards displayed on the working area. This simple but excellent innovation enables efficient and effective tasks management with effortless supervision. The administrator allows tagging or posting of priority tasks or makes announcements and advertisements by simply using the CMS tagging options. The system has a customizable text entry box that allows the user to change text and plug messages anytime or make instant tagging with built messages on ready-buttons. CTC has designed an intuitive system to control manpower tasks and order multiple requests in an organize manner. Using your own PC, you can requests your employees to do certain tasks without exerting effort of having face-to-face interaction. Along with the CMS are tag boards or KDS installed on every department which are easily seen by the employees. Administrator can prompt notification on specific area or depends on the sending options as integrated in the system.


  • Able to prompt messages real-time or tag customized messages on screen.
  • Allows you to post comments and instructions on electronic displays or KDS.
  • Capable of immediate delivery of information to a specific department of the company.
  • Easy to install with low maintenance needed.
  • Easy to use application with password protection feature for unauthorized users.