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Winpark Parking System

Ahead Parking Management System is a total solution for operating and managing car park business which provides state of the art technology and software features to fully automate and synchronize parking operation. AHEAD WINPARK, a parking system designed to automate parking services from monitoring, billing, and to security systems. This package will surely be an advantage to your business as it addresses customer's satisfaction in terms of security and hassle-free parking transactions. The parking system is equipped with surveillance camera, loop detector, card dispenser and automated barrier to ensure that security has met the standards required by the business owners. This revolutionary system can be implemented in manned or unmanned parking system types depending on client's choice.


  • Able to manage parking transactions both in manned and unmanned mode.
  • Facilitates quick and easy collection of reliable data with the help of a scanner that records data five to seven times faster than traditional methods.
  • Fully automated and synchronized parking operation.
  • Mistakes are minimized facilitating quick billing and managing parking fees have become much easier than in the past.
  • There is a huge saving in the terms of labor effort.