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Business Audit
Experience speedy and accurate auditing tasks with CTC's business audit solutions. Using a fast and reliable system and hardware, comprehensive audit reports will be generated at an instant
  • Automate your product monitoring applicable to all type of business
  • Design a hardware interface for fast generation of audit reports
  • Integrate to a scanner and PDT for an absolute audit operations
  • Provide you with PCMS (Physical Count Monitoring System) for effective asset tracking and counting

Business Review and IT Consulting
Update your business through consultation with business solution professionals. CTC offers an intuitive business review and get the latest trends in I.T. for an effective business management
  • Provide best ideas and recommendations suitable for effective business automation
  • Provide clear presentations of prospect idea for your management needs from our IT professionals and field experts
  • Review and suggest options making your business adopt the best technology
  • Schedule business review and consultation base on your availability

Computer Hardware and Peripherals Distribution
We deliver your products door-to-door with manuals and materials that came along with the package. CTC offers a safe distribution of your equipment and products purchased
  • Deliver your products purchased at your location
  • Provide you with a complete lists and quotations of available computer hardware and peripherals
  • Provide you with a wide range of computer hardware types and specifications
  • Warranty guaranteed on all computer hardware purchased

Computer Hardware and Peripherals Repair
Get your hardware repaired with trusted and expert manpower. We diagnosed and repair computer hardware and peripherals with our efficient technical representatives equipped with complete diagnostic tools
  • Check computer components for possible misconceptions and damages that need replacement
  • Diagnose computer and peripheral faults through testing and evaluation
  • Provide you with computer repair experts to cater your technical needs
  • Provide you with necessary components for a reliable replacement

Data Hub Management
Organize and manage your data in a systematic operation. With CTC, we let you experience a well-manage data hub free from conflicts, data logs and errors. We deliver a reliable data of your business reports directly to your server
  • Design the type of network suitable for data acquisition management
  • Implement network connections for data hub management
  • Make a fast and reliable server connection among sub-stations
  • Provide you with necessary hardware and software needed for implementation

Data Troubleshooting
Ease unwanted data duplications and faults with CTC's data troubleshooting enthusiasts. We provide data support and diagnostic solutions for an efficient data acquisition of your business' reports
  • Check update manager for possible errors and re-update if necessary
  • Deploy network experts on the area equipped with complete tools for data fix
  • Provide diagnostic network test to identify source of errors and conflicts
  • Trace error points and conduct reprogram, reformat or restoration if needed

Hardware Development and Customization
CTC innovates new technology suitable to your business management requirements. We develop and customize hardware appropriate for an effective business management tool
  • Customize existing hardware with high reliability and durability
  • Develop hardware/terminals necessary for your business automation
  • Innovate existing hardware making it original, authentic and efficient
  • Research and develop a new hardware that fits your standard requirements

Hardware Integration
The need for a specialized hardware to do the job will never be a problem anymore. CTC integrates hardware and terminals to application software for an exceptional automation package
  • Combine peripherals and device components to develop a new hardware of high-functionality
  • Design a user-friendly hardware for easy manipulation
  • Integrate hardware/peripherals to application software needed for your business automation
  • Integrate newly developed hardware which is compatible with existing software

Hardware Preventive Maintenance
Give your hardware the best preventive maintenance for an effective operation. We clean, diagnose and check hardware and peripherals to ensure product longevity
  • Check and evaluate hardware functionality and identify those need repair and replacement
  • Clean and fix hardware as a result of dust exposure, humidity, and extreme heat
  • Diagnose hardware errors parallel to our product range
  • Render onsite and in-house technical services base on your maintenance schedule

Maintenance Outsourcing
CTC's technical team at your service. We offer outsourcing through our representatives that will handle your hardware and software maintenance needs directly to your business locations
  • Deploy technical representatives to provincial areas covered by the company
  • Provide you with a maintenance schedules to enhance product functionality
  • Provide you with specialized technical assistance base on the type of solutions needed
  • Send technical representatives to conduct hardware/software fix to your business location

Mall Connection Management
Let CTC's technical team manage your mall network connections. Our team offers maximum performance in making you get connected with all your business management stations. This allows you to browse and check your assets and liabilities rate through a PC or laptop set in your home or office
  • Connect your POS terminals situated in different areas to a server set in your office or home
  • Implement network connections in accordance with communication rules and safety standard
  • Provide necessary assistance and maintenance in the event of network errors and faults
  • Provide you with necessary equipment and software needed for networking implementation

Network Installation, Configuration and Maintenance
CTC delivers a reliable installation services for your networking needs. We implement area network, configure settings and diagnosed network errors and faults in all types of business institutions
  • Diagnose and fix network errors and faults
  • Establish a maintenance schedule for effective and secured network connections
  • Install and configure network connection settings in accordance with communication set-up standards
  • Provide you with necessary tools and materials for setting a network

POS BIR Registration
A complete package for your POS, CTC answers your needs for POS BIR registration. We transact registration legally with the BIR to ensure you are using an authentic POS services
  • Cater a cost-effective processing of your BIR registration
  • Provide you with a fast processing of POS permits and necessary documents
  • Provide you with authentic BIR stickers on your POS terminals
  • Update and renew BIR registrations

Project Management
CTC supports project management for your business. This superior package covers the implementation, monitoring and project maintenance. We provide solutions and appropriate equipment for your project needs
  • Conduct evaluation to identify areas that needs improvement
  • Implement project as needed by your business using the best solution from our product range
  • Monitors the operation of the project to assess products performance
  • Provide maintenance services to ensure quality and longevity on project implemented

Retail Consumables Production
CTC provides retail consumables for your POS terminals such as receipt and barcode printer supplies, cards and POS papers. These high-quality consumables are cost-effective and compatible with your POS terminals
  • Deliver consumables on your business locations
  • Produce high-quality retail consumables for your retail POS terminals
  • Provide a variety of consumables compatible on your POS terminals
  • Provide you complete lists of consumables necessary for POS needs

Security System Implementation
Get the current trend in security system with CTC's intuitive security solutions. We deliver and implement a reliable and effective security services suitable for any business types including parking sites, door access and more
  • Develop security system applicable for both indoor and outdoor
  • Implement security systems using the latest technology such as CCTV cameras, detectors and more
  • Integrate the use of magnetic cards, finger print, codes and other unique proof for effective security
  • Provide you with necessary equipment and system suitable for your business' security needs

System Development and Customization
CTC offers a wide range of systems and application software suitable for your business needs. We customize and develop systems to meet your requirements for perfect business automation
  • Customize existing system into an application suitable for your business
  • Design a user-friendly application environment where any user could use the system with less supervision
  • Develop authentic software making it original and quality tested
  • Develop system software that fits for your business' data collection and manipulation needs

System Integration
Take a full control of your business through hardware interfacing. We integrate system on your terminals to cater your business transactions in an efficient and reliable way
  • Combine applications in a single system making it a complete package for a business solution
  • Design a system base on the requirements needed by your hardware
  • Develop an easy-to-use application with fast data sending-receiving operations to your hardware
  • Integrate an application necessary to control the existing terminals/hardware

System Training
Be trained and became an expert of your business management system. We offer system training and product demonstration that will make you familiar and knowledgeable with the system basics
  • Conduct training to asses your hardware and software support needs
  • Get you familiarized with the different hardware components and its functions
  • Provide you with assistance on the user's manual that comes along with the package
  • Provide you with clear presentations of product descriptions and specifications

Web Development
Publish your products and services on net and get online with your business transactions. Chase Tech offers an excellent web developing that will surely advertise your business worldwide. Get connected also with our web-based asset tracking solutions where you can check your business accounts anywhere in the world
  • Allows you to inquire of your business assets, sales and inventory reports online wherever you are
  • Design webpages suitable to your business needs for online advertisements and transactions
  • Develop a user-friendly and well-organized webpages applicable to all types of business
  • Develop interactive websites for school, hospital and other institutions